A Guy Who Gets It!!!

Congressman Todd Tiarht R-Kansas, is a Congressman that has engaged this debate with the principled solutions we need for health care. Tiarht a free-market conservative favors individual choice and decisions over the government agencies.  Too many so-called Republicans are seeking compromise in this 2000 page giant of pile of legislation.  In my opinion that is the wrong place from which to start.  Just as Romney when running for President in the last election cycle, he started at a single payer position.  We need to lower costs for folks but not by rationing care.  Where are the conservatives yelling at the top of their lungs about Tort Reform, and Cross State Insurance?  This Pelosi Bill will burden America for generations.  Here is a quote from Tiahrt:
“Speaker Pelosi just delivered an early Christmas gift to President Obama tonight at a cost of $1.2 trillion to taxpayers,” said Tiahrt. “The Democrat’s vote to nationalize our healthcare system and send 5.5 million more Americans to the unemployment office comes during a time when more than 10 percent of workers are looking for jobs. Tonight Republicans again gave Democrats yet another opportunity to reject the nationalization of our healthcare system envisioned by the president and instead choose a market-based plan that lowers healthcare costs, allows Americans who like their healthcare coverage to keep it, and puts patients first by ensuring medical decisions are made by patients and their doctors instead of a government worker in the Obama administration. It’s unfortunate but no longer surprising that Speaker Pelosi and President Obama have again broken their word to give Republicans a place at the table on an issue of such importance.” – Tiahrt.house.gov
Talk with your Congressman and Senators about this legislation.  Tiarht will be at a small event in Lenexa, Kansas Sunday, November 15th.  Tiahrt and other state elected officials will be there and will take questions from those that attend.