Trump Targets Transnational Criminal Organizations with Executive Order

The ever-growing transnational criminal organizations that include drug cartels, criminal gangs and financial fraudsters have been a major concern to all American citizens. Federal crimes related to human and drug trafficking have persisted over the years despite the developments and formulations of new ways to tame these crimes. During his campaigns, President Trump promised to take the fight against these crimes a notch higher in order to ensure that every citizen feels and is assured of safety from violence that mostly arises from these activities. He put into effect this promise by signing an executive order in relation to these federal crimes earlier this month. The executive order stipulates how the government targets to intensify the war on drugs by giving more power to the enforcement agencies and encouraging cooperation and sharing of information between various agencies.


It’s worth noting that major criminal groups are mostly born from the drug and related illegal substance business. Research shows that substance abuse usually leads to other crimes as the user lose their sense of reasoning and become quite unpredictable. The president’s executive order will not only ensure that drug trafficking is fought on high levels, but it will also ensure that the drugs are not common in our streets. The order directs the law enforcers such as the police and the drug enforcement agencies to give the highest priority to fighting these transnational criminal organizations.


Fortifying our borders has been cited as a sure way of paralyzing the drug and illegal substances business since porous borders have been one of the greatest challenges on the war against drugs. If the border is secured, it means that it will be difficult for cartels to smuggle drugs and other banned substances into the country. The executive order seeks to increase the information sharing and cooperation among various government agencies in a bid to ensure that they gather all the required intelligence on these illegal activities within and outside our borders. The order also targets to assess the budget allocation to various agencies involved in the fight against drug abuse. It is important to ensure that these institutions receive enough funding since the war on drugs is expensive as it involves sharing intelligence and manpower with almost all countries in the world.


One of the groups that seek to reap unlimited benefits from this order are the millennials. In 2016, an FBI special agent gave an affidavit that pointed out the extent of street gangs in the United States. He noted that these street gangs are highly organized with a clear command structure and primary goals that include violence and drug trafficking. These groups mostly target the unemployed and the low-earning millennials who are easily sucked in to this recurrent cycle of organized crimes. The executive order aims at empowering the law enforcement agencies by giving them more resources that will help them in identification and dismantling of these gangs. This will make sure that they find it hard to operate within and outside our borders by even going after the drug kingpins outside the United Sates. This will reduce or eliminate the availability of drugs in the street, which is the first important step in the fight against drugs. As drugs become rare in the market, the little that remain become more expensive or unavailable at the best level of enforcement. This will consequently reduce the drug-related crimes and violence, which will save many people from going to jail over drug-related offences.