A look Back at Trump's Unifying Speech to Congress

The President called on the Congress to address the problems affecting the country such as healthcare, transforming the tax code, infrastructure, and the military. There was an emotional part of the speech when he honored Carryn Owens, a widow of William Ryan Owens who died in a commando raid approved by the President in Yemen.  His promise to work with members of the Congress without regardless of their party affiliations was an important unifying message. He assured Americans that he would work with members of both parties to improve child care, ascertain that parent get access to paid leave, improve women health, advance steps in supporting clean air and water, and remodel the military infrastructure.

President Trump’s speech will also be lauded for the mention of his resolve to enforce the immigration laws.  The President has been opposed in the recent past due to his rigid stance over the issue of illegal immigrants. However, he pointed that his efforts to implement the immigration laws will be significant in improving wages, reduce unemployment, save huge sums of money, and improve the community safety.  To support his statement, the President suggested the introduction of the Australian-style merit-based system in a bid to reduce the influx of unskilled workers.

President’s Trump speech seemed to be founded on the theme of putting America first. Trump alluded that Americans had spent huge sums of money building other countries’ infrastructures while neglecting their own. In this, Trump focused on improving on Americans’ lives first before helping other countries. This message was appropriate at this time when the nation’s infrastructure is reportedly in bad conditions.  A recent assessment report of the American airports, roads, transit, academic institutions, and water indicated a critically low rating.

Regarding the issue of education, the President called upon the members of the Congress to pass bills aimed at improving the funding of schools, particularly the disadvantaged African-American and Hispanic youth. He said that the disadvantaged youth ought to have a chance to choose their most preferred schools.

On issues of crime and drugs, the President promised to protect the public through eliminating drug and gang members. He said that he had instructed the Department of Justice to create a team to reduce crimes. The President also promised to implement a strategy to eradicate the criminal cartels within the nation and vowed to close the entry of drugs into the US.

Overall, the President appealed to all Americans to unite in “dreaming big” and working with the resolve to do daring things to the country. Even critics claimed that the President’s mention that the previous trivial fights were over was rare of him. His speech was viewed as a shift from his prior brash approach to the politics and issues of the country.