The Less Party

There has been a bit of talk lately about what will happen if the GOP fails to curb the government after this election. The possibility (and problem) of a third party has been raised. One of the problems not being discussed is the name.

  • The Tea Party
  • The American Party
These are good names. You feel good just to saying them, but they are also empty vessels. Anyone can pour any meaning they want into them. What does it mean to be an American or a tea party member?  Ask 100 people and you’ll get 100 answers.
A generic name also allows the party to “evolve” over time (and we know where that always leads–to the left).
Abolish slavery and restrict the role of government in economic and social life.
That was the original goal upon which the Republican party was founded.  Over the decades the GOP has changed–one reason is that the word “Republican” is so generic that people just poured whatever meaning they wanted to into it.
 The original Republican goal did have one great thing going for it: it was simple. A diverse set of people with often competing goals in other areas could work together, because they knew this simple goal would support their efforts in other areas.
Should we form a third party, I suggest we encapsulate the goal in the name:
The Less Party
  • Less government spending
  • Less government regulation
  • Less laws
  • Less government involvement in citizen’s lives
  • Less activist judges
  • Less…
Less is still something of an empty vessel, but it’s an empty vessel with a specific shape–you can’t just pour any idea into it. Especially if the party was founded with a goal like this:
Reduce the size of government and restrict the role of government in economic and social life.
When a politician proposes a new program or law, we can simply ask “How does this harmonize with our goal of less?”