Hey Stupid Party Candidates, the Answer to Every Question is: Jobs, Energy, Spending, or ObamaCare

Did Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum just go back and forth over Puerto Rican statehood and English as America’s official language?

Did Rick Santorum actually say that he would crackdown on hardcore pornography?

Did the GOP candidates actually allow themselves to get bogged down in a debate over…birth control pills?

The GOP has been called the Stupid Party by even its most ardent supporters, because it has a history of snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory.  This election should be a landslide for the GOP, if it will just stay on target and focus on the issues that will decide this election?

The target is Obama, and the issues that will decide this election are: jobs, energy, spending, and ObamaCare.

Every time the GOP candidates allow themselves to get sidetracked away from these four issues, it helps Obama. And, it’s pretty obvious that the Democrat’s plan (along with their willing partners in the mainstream media) is to keep the GOP candidates talking about anything other than jobs, energy, spending, or ObamaCare–absolutely anything else.

C’mon guys, don’t be the Stupid Party candidate. The next time someone dangles some bait question hoping to get you sidetracked, don’t take it. No matter what the question–no matter what–answer it by talking about jobs, energy, spending, or ObamaCare.  Stay focused and stay on target.

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