200 Page Romney Opposition Research File Leaked

In may last post I asked a simple question: should we worry that Mitt Romney hasn’t been fully vetted? Well, it didn’t take long to get an answer. Yes, we should be worried.

John McCain’s opposition research file on Mitt Romney has been leaked and is available on the internet as a PDF.  It can be read on-line and downloaded here:


I haven’t read the document yet, but what I’m hearing from people that have examined it is that there is some pretty damaging stuff in here.  Consider this quote from someone that has perused the document:

“…devestating! If this is real and the quotes etc can be substatiated Romney is DOA…”

If this is what the understaffed and underfunded John McCain opposition research team could dig up on Mitt Romney, what do you think the billion dollar Obama campaign will be able to unearth?

With only a few days till Romney fully wraps the “cloak of inevitability” around himself, it’s more important than ever that we ensure he is fully vetted now by us,  and not after he secures the nomination when he’ll be fully vetted by the Obama campaign team.