Remind me again why Mitt Romney is the safe, electable candidate?

In his only election victory he got 49% of the vote.

He didn’t run for relection, even though he was still legally eligable. Why not? Because he would have lost–badly. After four years as governor, he was polling under 30%.

In the 2008 GOP primaries Mitt Romney only pulled in 22% of the vote. This cycle, despite having huge monetary and organizational advantages, Romney still can’t break out of the 20% range.

  • Never gained more than 49% of the vote in any race.
  • Failed to get reelected as governor.
  • Got a mere 22% of the vote against…John McCain.
  • Only has about 20% of the vote in the current GOP race.

What about Romney’s policial record says “electable, safe choice, guranteed winner”?