The War on Terrorism

September 11, 2008

Dear Senator McCain:

Seven years ago we weathered a painful attack by an evil cabal of cowardly fanatics. We Americans and most of the world stood as one. We hunted the terrorists down and fought them in their caves, in the cities, in the hills, in the deserts, and in their dark holes around the world, wherever they chose to hide. We killed and captured many and have driven their leaders into deep hiding and we will continue to do so. But the battle is not yet over.Now, the time has come when we Americans must clearly enunciate U.S. foreign policy to proclaim our principles and our intentions, both to our allies and to our loathsome enemies. To those who wish to recognize and accept our statement of principle, we welcome them. To those who wish to continue to threaten and attack us, let them know their days are numbered.I respectfully submit the following statement of principles for your consideration. To call it the McCain Doctrine at this time may be premature. Eventually, however, that may become its title.With respect and affection,Jack LipsmanLas Vegas, [email protected]

The McCain Doctrine

The United States henceforth establishes

that a state of war now exists between itself and any and all individuals, groups or nations who plan, support or execute acts of terror, or give aid or protection of any sort to those who perpetrate or carry out these acts of terror against the United States, or against any other peace loving nation on earth.

Article I: There will be no sanctuary on earth for those who plan, execute or support acts of terror.

Article II: There will be no claim of sovereignty that will obviate action under this Doctrine.

Article III: Nations that support or assist individuals, groups or other nations in acts of terror will be cleansed of all weapons of mass destruction by any means necessary.

Article IV: The United States, in concert with other willing nations, shall take all actions and institute all policies and programs, including the creation, training and deployment of forces, necessary to find, engage and destroy all terrorist individuals or groups, wherever they may exist on earth.

Article V: The United States, in concert with other willing nations, shall take all actions and institute all policies and programs necessary to effectuate regime destruction and political transformation in nations that engage in or support terrorism, wherever it occurs on earth.