Invite the Military Over the Next Time You Plan to Get Romantic with Your Wife, Husband or Camel



As We Enter Day One of the “Undeclared” “War” Against Syria or ISME or Whatever on the Globe that We Can Draw a Red Line Upon, I Cast Your Attentions Upon An Even BIGGER War President Barack Obama Has Declared. The WAR on MICROBES Has Begun. Yes, Our Commander-In-Chief, Mr. Passive-Aggressive, Has Initiated a War on Flu–eh, I Mean–Ebola.  Yes, Marine Corps Base Quantico and Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Your Number Has Been Called and Ticket Punched.  Pack your Bags Because You Have Won An All-Expense Paid Trip to Western Africa to Fight Those God Awful Terrorists Ebola.  Not to Be Confused With al-Quaeda, Whom We Are Already at War. I Think.  You Won’t Be Using that Improved Modular Tactical Vest (IMTV) that DoD spent Millions. Nawh! Suit Up in that Brand New Hazmat Suit!   Just Like the One You Used in Boot Camp!

I Should Remind You that We Must Defend Ourselves Against Terror Both Foreign and Domestic. For this Reason, I Wonder Why Our State Department just Ordered 160,000 Haz-Mat Suits.  Is It Possible that the United Nation’s and this Administration’s Biological Warfare Test at the Borders of the United States Has Goen Awry?  On August 1, 2014, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), a Partnering Agency with that Beautiful UN Open Doors Campaign Conspirator, the World Heath Organization (WHO), Began Warning US Hospitals, Medical and Health Professionals on Recognizing and Treating Ebola. Mind You, We Are Forty-Five (45) Days Removed from that Declaration and Obama Has Decided to Fight Ebola with Military Personnel Overseas.  Or Is It Overseas Alone? Does Your Son’s Public School Nurse Know the Difference Between Ebola and the Flu? Probably Not. However, We Are Counting on Ms. Johnson, Who Also Subs in Biology and Physical Education to Be Vigilant in Diagnosing EVD Amongst the Thirty-Two (32) Year Old MS-13 Gang Member that Sitting in His Classroom Thanks to the Open Borders Society.  Carpe Dead’em. Even Worse, Bodily Fluids Open the Door to Infection and Transfer of EVD.  Yes, During Intercourse, Where Blood, Sweat, Urine and Feces Is Commingling in the Specimen Tray Called the Bedroom (Or Joe’s Pizza’s Bathroom, Whatever Is Most Convenient), You Could Be Infecting the World. What’s A Guy to Do?   Invite the Military Over the Next Time You Plan to Get Romantic with Your Wife, Husband or Camel.  That Will Certainly “Degrade and Ultimately Destroy” EVD.  Or At Least Wednesday Confession Will Be More Entertaining!

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