The Barry-Holder Syndrome: A Defeated Generation Clings to the Religion of Party and Poverty



It is written that Sun-Tzu once said, “Warfare is a great matter to a nation; it is the ground of death and of life it is the way of survival and destruction, and must be examined.”  Coming after the celebration of the High Holy Days of Spring–Passover and Resurrection, a private examination of liberal public warfare in America seems an essential matter, especially in the District of Columbia.  Why the Nation’s Capital?  Well, two names illuminated the pathways of survival and destruction in the Metro Voting Scene prior to the High Holy Days–Council Member and Mayor for Life Marion “Dmitri Shepilov” Barry and Attorney General Eric “I’ll Be Back Faster than You Can Say Furious”  Holder.  In the life and death battle of maintaining the most oppressive and poverty resistant tactics in Urban Polity, Barry represents the survivor and Holder the destroyer.  Each is vital to the installation of public policies and laws that defile the political liberties of Constitutional governance in lieu of those that solidify the Utopian financial security of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Economic Bill of Rights.  These are men esteemed by their peers for their judicial and political sophistry.  In variant circles, they are lauded for their past accomplishments.  They are different men sharing the same political ideology.  They are men of the “Democrat Civil Rights Generation”  [1966 – 2008].  Each found a home for their radical beliefs within President Andrew Jackson’s Party.  Each believes that their racial justice and racial politics will reward “the least, the last and the lost” while incriminating those that, by acts of conscience or acts of their descendants, have oppressed such a great multitude.  One operates at the federal level.  The other at the state level.  Yet, their paths mysteriously crossed at the corner of Racism and Voter Fraud in the Nation’s Capitol on Primary Election Day 2012.

The Great DC Voter Fraud Caper

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