A Non-Essential Military: Will Obama Throw the US Under the Bus Next?

On last night’s The Exceptional Conservative Show, I had the honor and pleasure of interviewing Dr. Adam Dorin [http://www.adamdorin.com/About.html] on the debilitating tentacles of Obama-care on the future of the United States of America. Dr. Dorin earned his undergraduate pre-medical degree at the University of Maryland with magna cum laude honors. After four years of medical training at the University of Maryland-School of Medicine, Dr. Dorin completed his residency training in anesthesiology and critical care medicine at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. With a resume of this magnitude, most physicians would spend their lives toiling to pay-off their massive student loan debts and writing books to score long term residual income for retirement. However, Dr. Dorin chose a different route in order to express his love of country and desire to serve. Dr. Dorin joined the military. While at Hopkins, Dr. Dorin served as an officer in the United States Naval Reserve, attaining the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He joined the Navy in July of 1990. Like his father, he is proud to have served our country as a member of the armed forces. Dr. Dorin believed it essential to serve rather than to be served.


Dr. Dorin is not unlike millions of soldiers that have come before him and will, for the sake of patriotism, follow. Love of country drives them to look beyond themselves to protect the rights and freedoms that we take for granted daily. They seek no spotlight and bemoan no grievance when there is a lack of support from home. Night and day pass. Rain and snow falls. Sunlight beams intolerably and moonlight seems endless. Yet, these men and women stand fast, loyal and true to their duties and Constitutional call. The least that any of us can do is honor them and treat them with the reverence due their commitment to this country and the Constitution. It is the least.


According to the Bureau of Labor, the Federal Government’s essential duties include defending the United States from foreign aggression, representing U.S. interests abroad, crating and enforcing national laws and regulations, and administering domestic programs and agencies. However, our Commander-In-Chief Barack Obama deemed his military as “non-essential” [http://biggovernment.com/mikeflynn/2011/04/07/obama-ill-shut-down-t…]. While many have sought to cast blame upon John Boehner for not allowing the government to close, none seem to shine a light upon the most reprehensible action taken by a US Commander-in-Chief in our history. He literally threw the US Navy, the Air Force, the Marine Corps, the Army, the Merchant Marines and the Coast Guard under the bus in one swipe. The same man threw his grandmother under the bus when the political light availed [http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4s45v_obama-typical-white-person_…]. The same man threw his spiritual father under the bus [http://www.americanthinker.com/2008/06/its_getting_crowded_under_ob…]. Rick Moran writes, “Reverend Jeremiah Wright, friend and spiritual advisor for whom the candidate bravely stood up — at first — until Wright’s performance at the National Press Club caused the candidate to open the door himself and push the old man under the wheels.” No one is safe from the political ambitions of President Barack Obama. Certainly not the men and women of the armed armed services that received the support of President Ronald Reagan and President William Jefferson Clinton administrations when the threats and actual “shut downs” occurred. They never once thought of forgoing the pay of military personnel. They felt at most, a moral obligation, and at least, a reverence for the honor of serving this country in peacetime and war. Neither man served in the armed forces but neither would expose his men to wilds of the economic and political winds out of Washington, DC. You do not have to fly a bomber over Japan, fight back the Germans at the Battle of the Budge or Night Raid Al-queda in Afghanistan to know that these men and women are beyond the sport of Washington politics.


There is one however, that chose not to obey this solemn understanding of American finance. You see to him, military personnel are no different than the G4 program analyst for the Energy Department, the G7 budget analyst at NASA or the G12 Manager at the Library of Congress. Each of these people are subject to terrorist attacks on any given day. Each of these have not seen family for nearly 14 months per tour of duty. Each of these has not held their child since their last tour of a strange land. Yes, each of these can break down a High Energy Laser (HEL) gun and put the parts back in their original places in a short amount of time. Yes, each of these is called upon to defend our freedoms with their very lives. Yes, Obama made this plain, each is merely replaceable. That is what you want to hear from the one that leads you into the unconstitutional war in Libya. First Sergeant, you are only as important as a Census Bureau mail clerk.


Obama was able to find $535 million for one week’s worth of work in Libya in march 2011. His “non-essential” Pentagon estimated the costs of the war at $40 Million per month. That’s money that pays the Department of Labor summer interns to choose between Libyan officer, rebel or Al-Queda terrorist from 15,000 feet prior to releasing a tomahawk missile in the hopes that the US does not experience severe collateral damage. No problem with turning over the military concerns to the essential personnel of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) troops from the “non-essential” military personnel of the United States. You want need those rank amateurs anymore, will you NATO [http://www.ajc.com/news/nation-world/despite-nato-rift-us-906907.html]? Nah, Obama’s non-essential military can only do harm to building a safer and more tolerant Caliphate.


That sour taste in my mouth is not merely over the drama of eliminating $38 billion from a $3 trillion budget. That taste comes from the hideous flavor of his actions towards US military personnel. They were used as pawns in the ambitious games of our politicians. Even worse, we uncover that the psuedo-compromise was merely “air” gift wrapped in punditry and propaganda [http://onlinejournal.com/artman/publish/article_8190.shtml]. Department of Justice cuts $4.9 B that did not exist at all but in reserves. So what did our Commander-in-Chief fight for that was more important than our “non-essential” military personnel. He fought against defunding Obama-Care by $105 B. It alone would have met the Republican Campaign promise but was too important to our National Security. He fought against cutting National Public Radio’s $90 Million. How can Kermit and Miss Piggy possibly compete in the global marketplace of Mickey mouse and Buzz Lightyear? National Private Radio sounds too “extreme”. National Party Radio sounds about right for a man that begrudges the loss of his privacy [http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/barackobama/8443654/Barac…] and dreams of ruling without resistance [http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2011/03/14/michael-goodwin-does-obam…]. It’s a tough life to be President of the Free World and have to ask Congress permission to use your army pieces whenever you wanna. Dang it!


There are over 2 million federal workers and over 800,000 were deemed non-essential. There are over 3 million military personnel that were deemed “non-essential”. Iraq personnel, you are non-essential. Afghanistan personnel, you are non-essential. Libyan personnel, you are non-essential. Marine 1 Crew, you are non-essential. Air Force 1 Crew, you are non-essential. Cut! Thanks guys but you are not needed for this optic! Take 10! I can not help but think that Obama, the Messianic Orator, has left the black community uninspired, the economic community uninspired, Congress uninspired, Middle America uninspired and finally, the military uninspired. Why would a soldier camped in the damp, cold mountains of Afghanistan think of voting for a Commander-In-Chief who did not have his or his family’s back? When I salute the Commander as he walks down the stairwell of Marine 1, do I think that he could with all sincerity inspire me to, without hesitation, run into the heat of battle? As President George Washington once said, I paraphrase, “It would be effeminate for these soldiers to complain!”


Commander-In-Chief George Washington. Mr. President, put away your Ronald Reagan–It certainly isn’t helping with the economy–and pick up George Washington. That was a Commander-In-Chief that led his men on the battlefield. He suffered what they suffered. He felt their pain because the Commander was one of them. The only optic Commander Washington cared for was the sight of the Redcoats. In December 1777, he and his men arrived at Valley Forge to camp for the winter. Suffering from a hardened wet winter, his men suffered disease, were not well-fed and lost many lives in guerrilla warfare against the British and their mercenaries. Commander Washington, seeking to inspire, wrote these words in March 1778:


“The Commander in Chief again takes occasion to return his warmest thanks to the virtuous officers and soldiery of this Army for that persevering fidelity and Zeal which they have uniformly manifested in all their conduct. Their fortitude not only under the common hardships incident to a military life…Defects in the Commissaries department, Contingencies of weather and other temporary impediments have subjected and may again subject us to a deficiency for a few days, but soldiers! American soldiers! will despise the meanness of repining at such trifling strokes of Adversity, trifling indeed when compared to the transcendent Prize which will undoubtedly crown their Patience and Perseverence, Glory and Freedom, Peace and Plenty to themselves and the Community; The Admiration of the World, the Love of their Country and the Gratitude of Posterity!”


He knew they were weary and that our government even then, did not perform at its peak. Government was not the solution; government was the problem. The Commander however, would not let them wallow in shame or blame. He spurred them on:


“American soldiers! will despise the meanness of repining at such trifling strokes of Adversity, trifling indeed when compared to the transcendentPrize which will undoubtedly crown their Patience and Perseverence, Glory and Freedom, Peace and Plenty to themselves and the Community; The Admiration of the World, the Love of their Country and the Gratitude of Posterity!”


Finally, he made them his responsibility:


“Your General unceasingly employs his thoughts on the means of relieving your distresses, supplying your wants and bringing your labours to a speedy and prosperous issue. Our Parent Country he hopes will second his endeavors by the most vigorous exertions and he is convinced the faithful officers and soldiers associated with him in the great work of rescuing our Country from Bondage and Misery will continue in the display of that patriotic zeal which is capable of smoothing every difficulty and vanquishing every Obstacle.”


President Obama, last Friday was a teachable moment. Moammar Gadhafi stayed with his soldiers in Libya, even when his closest allies ran from him. They fought back against odds greater than themselves on all sides from the US, NATO and rebel forces. He stayed and was even seen walking amidst his supporters. His compound had been annihilated.  He had lost 3/4 of his military and access to his great wealth.  Yet, he stood with his loyalists and NATO is splintering. Friday, you ran around the track in victory about a budget deal that may or may not pass the final test of the House and Senate and your soldiers wondered who has our back. One of you was an inspiration to his troops. I pray Mr. President that you figure out quickly which one.