Obama Wants US to Become Indonesia

Thank You, Barbara West!

Barack Obama is about to overthrow the US government without raising a gun and the biggest concern that America has is Sarah Palin’s wardrobe. Barack Obama is the revolutionary leader of the October and November Surprise. He has traveled through Germany (a la Lenin) to take advantage of unrest in the US. American citizens are wandering about searching for a leader that will direct them through turbulent financial panic, economic destabilization and warped application of Keynesian economics–misconstrued as nationalism. Senator Government has seized upon the fears, worries and concerns of citizens by playing the soft, hypnotic tune of totalitarianism. The stars are lining up to signify this tragedy: large lead in the presidential poll, Senate and House possibly receiving a supper majority of Democrats and the media ignoring its responsibility as “watchdog”. Obama’s boat is coming in from Sweden. We literally have 216 hours to convince America not to succumb to her fears and elect Obama President. I believe the best way is to educate America about the missing years of the Messiah and his belief in the Pancasila.

Culture, biology, and experience have all written their influences into our minds and they all affect how we think. Pancasila explains why Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, an Islamic elementary school student in Indonesia, seeks out, even today, totalitarian friends to associate and participate with in social economic justice and education projects. The dots connect and the picture is clear. The ONE who found comfort in Indonesian thought life would like to introduce, amidst the chaos, a New Order to the United States of America–totalitarianism.We must consider that foundational thought, value and belief systems, established in his youth, impact his decision making process today. Obama was enrolled in the Indonesian public school system as an Islamic student. Hence, he could not opt out of the mandatory Koran studies and worship activities during his scheduled day. He did not become a Christian until later in his life when, through working with black churches as a community organizer while in his twenties, he came to understand “the power of the African-American religious tradition to spur social change.” During a TV Bio-special about Obama, it was noted that his mother got him up before dawn to teach him to read before going to school. She would have to do so if, as an Islamic student, he would participate in Fjar, pre-dawn prayer. In fact, by maternal relationship alone, we see the importance of Islam and Indonesia as an influence. During their years together in Indonesia, Ann Dunham became increasingly interested in the country’s culture, while Lolo Soetoro became more Western in his outlook. She left Soetoro, Obama’s adoptive father, in 1972, returning to Hawaii and reuniting with her son, who had returned from Indonesia in 1971 to attend school. By his Indonesian school record, Obama spent nearly 4 years in Indonesia and began school at age 6. From 1st to 4th Grades, Obama learned the tenets of Pancasila and Islam. The schools he attended were not extreme or abusive. However, radical teachings taught as phonics, math or history are taught becomes normalized. While it is indeed over the top to accuse Obama of being an “Arab”, it is not disingenuous to state that he has not been influenced by the tenets of Islam. Hence, his childhood Islamic influencemay directly influence his foreign policy between Iran and Israel.

The Pancasila was borne from the seeds of Nasakom=Nasionalis-Agama-Komunis (Nationalism-Islam-Communism). After the defeat of commnim, Islam sought its place of leadership. Sukarno, Indonesia’s revolutionary leader, bore the five principles to prevent Shari’a rule. Sukarno’s political philosophy, Marhaenism, was built upon the principles of Marxism, nationalism and Islam. The constitution that Sukarno prepared could be summarized in the phrase gotong royong (“joint bearing of burdens”). The order of the five principles, Pancasila, were:

Nationalism (with a focus on national unity)Internationalism (‘one nation sovereign amongst equals’)Representative democracy (all significant groups represented)Social Justice (Marxist influenced)Theism (with a secular bent)

Using charisma, at a level not witnessed since the days of Hitler, the anti-capitalist Obama seeks to become the savior for the economy. He does this by instituting a three-prong attack: hold captive the masses through class warfare, seek mandated liberal, socialistic policies through single-party state and intimidation of dissenting media and citizenry. Throughout his life, he has sought out radical believers. Hence, as Barbara West did, it is essential to ask these questions in the coming days.

Obama’s weakness is his past. It formed his economic and social policies. His Marxist, socialist background was built on his Pancasila indoctrination as a child. His relationships are built on his Pancasilla beliefs. His desire to eradicate capitalism is built on his indoctrination and reinforcement by his mother. His choice of religion is non-essential when one’s system is Pancasila. Representation by men only in his campaign is derived from Sukarno’s policy of sending women home from the marketplace so that men were fully employed. Why do think it so easy to choose Joe Biden over Hillary Clinton or pay women in his Senate office less than men? Social justice needs no moral authority than that of the faith that persons have rights, including employment, health, gay marriage, abortion on demand, artificial price supports and income redistribution. Yes, tax and spend, income redistribution and a host of other poor mentionables are derived from Pancasila.

When you implement Pancasila then, you submit to poor judgment in people and in policies. For the lazy media, Europe is Obama’s model. Study Indonesia and know what his true model is. Pancasila!

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