The Messiah Is Merely A Chicago Style Politican

The curtain has drawn on the third act of this tragedy. Liberal America for years had sought ways of overcoming the guilt of slavery while extending its agenda into the mainstream of America. Their message: Redistribute the wealth of this economy, guarantee the choices–good and poor–of every American, encourage class warfare through governance by the worker and submission by the rich and the elimination of God in the culture.

Liberal America needed a voice that could shield itself from the critics of socialism and communism. A voice that could confound the masses, silence the hawks of truth and validate the sensibilities of the foolish. John Kerry did not work, too elite. Al Gore did not work, too common. Same message and same result: election loss. Whom could be recruited to secure the black vote and deflect criticism as racism? Whom could be recruited to secure the elite voter and deflect criticism as an attack of competence? Whom could be promoted to a position of high authority without fear of established leaders losing their grip of power? A Messiah was chosen: Obama!

As a Afro-American man, ladies and gentlemen, I say it is not racist to identify cover-up and lies about important character issues when considered for the highest office in the land. It is not elitist to question how a man who speaks against the military and its leaders will serve this nation as commander and chief. It is not racist to question the judgment of a man that works with a terrorist, worships with a supremacist and seeks the counsel of socialists. It is not racist to question the judgment of a man that funds the Arab-American Action Network, founded by a member of the PLO, and ACORN, a group infamous for vote fraud. It is not racist to question the competence of a man whom spent $100 million to improve a school system and received an F on his final report card. It is not racist to question the validity of a man’s heart when he funds Reverend Meeks, Father Pfleger and Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Trinity United Church to serve the needs of the least the last and the lost through radical education programs. It is not racist to question a man’s intellect for “palling around” with a known domestic terrorist while committing to locating and eliminating a foreign terrorist. It is not racist to ask a man to solve for X when he states that he will give a tax break to 95% of all Americans although, only 60% actually pay taxes. It is not racist to ask why more Congressmen feared the arrival of John McCain than Barak Obama to Washington during the financial bailout convention.

What is racist however, is when liberal America and its media refuses to let a grown, well-versed and well-educated man be held to the highest standard of accountability in seeking the highest office in the land. The Messiah I serve does not lie nor seek to defraud the rights of men. Let the man speak and may the nation react to his greatest fear–the rejection of a people that he needs in order to validate his life and his living.

My friends and fellow congregates are serving in Iraq to defeat those that threaten the graces of freedom. It is time for all of us to fight the same threat at home. Vote to protect the nation and serve the next generation. I humbly endorse and will vote for John McCain.