Kenyan Birth Document Filed with US District Court in California [Closed and annotated.]

An attorney in California, Orly Taitz, has filed a motion in the US District Court of California to authenticate a document that appears to be a “Certified Copy of Registration of Birth” originating from “The Office of the Principal Registrar, Coast Province, Republic of Kenya“.

[ Note: the above link is being flagged by Google/Firefox as an “attack site”, this could be bogus politics or a genuine hack attack on the site, Taitz says its a politically motivated attack in her blog and that no malicious software exists on her site.  i have anti-virus software running on my system so I just ignored the warning and nothing happened. You may want to make sure your system is protected and updates have been installed before testing the link. I wouldn’t put it past the radical left to hack into a blog server and install a nasty little worm. ]

The document appears to contain an official embossed (raised ) seal and a signature of the Deputy Registrar dated “17th day of February, 1964“.

The document appears to show that a male child who’s “Christian Name” is “BARACK HUSSEIN II” was born to “Barack Hussein OBAMA” and “Stanley Ann OBAMA, formerly Dunham” on “4th August, 1961at Coast General Hosplital Mombasa“, in the East African nation of Kenya.

The informant (the person who supplied the information to the registrar) is shown as “B. H. OBAMA, Father“, of  “Honolulu, Hawaii, UNITED STATES“; the date of registration appears as “5th August, 1961”.

The document also shows that the birth is recorded in the Province’s Birth Registry in “Book No. 44B “and “Page No. 5733“.  Which, if correct, should be quite easy to verify.

Here is a link to view an image of the document that Taitz has apparently submitted to the court.

View Kenyan birth document >>

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[You know, there is a conspiracy regarding Barack Obama’s birth certificate.  And producing diaries like this is the primary goal of it. Folks, don’t waste our bandwidth like this. – Moe Lane]