Sarah Palin is a Female version of Teddy Roosevelt

Sarah Palin commands the respect and the adoration of millions, something not seen in a conservative woman since Margaret Thatcher.  She is adept at turning Political Correctness back upon the liberals and the media and it drives them batty.  She is a courageous champion for herself, her family, her lifestyle, her values, and her party. She loves the outdoors and hunting and frontier life.  All reminders of our twenty-sixth president, Teddy Roosevelt

The media’s wishful speculation about her reasons for leaving office aside, It seems likely that she has decided to do a speaking tour of the lower 48 and understood that the vast distance back to Alaska wouldn’t let her continue as Governor and her absence wouldn’t be fair on Alaskans either.  So she did the right thing in stepping down.  She chose the path that would allow her to do the most good for the conservative cause.

Whether or not her speaking turns into political fund raising for higher office will be decided by her fans as they turn out to see her.  Which I am sure they will.  And as they do, the media will surely have fits over it and her.


Because they hate her.

Why would they hate her?

Because the very existence of a popular pro-life, pro-gun, pro-drilling, pro-family conservative woman blows a hole as big as Alaska in the lie that the Dems and their media stooges have been feeding women in this country for decades. The lie that the Dems are the only party that represent women, the only party that gives them a voice, and the only party that elects them to office. The Dems have built their largest party demographic (women voters) on the strength of this particular lie.  But now conservative women have a voice in Sarah Palin, and it signals the end of the left’s domination of women’s politics.  The media’s propoganda cannot take hold if Sarah Palin stands up and calls them out on their lie because she is the embodyment of the kind of woman that the Dems told everyone doesn’t exist, and yet she does exist and they can’t ignore her.  That is why the leftists have decided that they must destory her any way they can.  She represents a nuclear destabilization threat to the core of their political power base.  That is why every time she speaks they have go into full scale damage control.