Google Thinks Wikipedia Articles are a News Source

Check out the links offered at Google’s News aggregation site Google News.  You will likely see half a dozen or so Wikipedia article links offered next to legitimate news organization links like Reuters and the Wall Street Journal.

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that can be edited and re-edited ad nauseum by anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world, but has been faulted for allowing liberals and academics to gang up and dominate many articles and slant them and delete and block entries from those they (the liberals and academics) don’t approve of, thereby silencing the voices of those who don’t agree with their liberal propaganda.

Since Wikipedia entries can change drastically minute by minute its unreliability for presenting factual articles is renowned across the internet.

Why Google would promote a web encyclopedia site as a news source is a perplexing question especially since Wikipedia does have a news arm ‘WikiNews’, but Google News doesn’t link to that site.