'O' = Deeply Disturbed, Angry and Dangerous

It is good to use the ‘O’ moniker in polite company when referring to the poseur in residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, since I, as a morally upstanding citizen, find the full use of the name to be profane.

It represents the most vulgar and uncivilised and shameful use of political power that has ever befallen the United States of America, and the ‘D’ that such people associate under undoubtedly stands for “Destruction” as in the premeditated and planned destruction of those who don’t proudly wear the ‘D’ on their right hand or their forehead.

The ‘O’s campaign of destruction has already felled or ensnared the Banks, the Dollar, Wall Street, and, Detroit.  Mainstreet is next, then come the Corporations, the Charities, and finally the Churches.  I think Texas’ recent actions show that she can see this storm on the horizon and is wisely preparing herself for Hobson’s choice.  We, the other red states should do likewise.

The ‘O’ doesn’t see himself as Lincoln merely because he hails from the Land O’ Lincoln.  He see’s himself playing the part of Lincoln in a War of Leftist Aggression against those who want to maintain the ‘outmoded’ (in their view) model of Constitutional republican governance our nation was built on.  Once defeated in this war, the modern “rebel states” and peoples will be subjected to “reconstruction” in a Marxist/socialist/atheist form designed to eliminate and exterminate the conservative opposition once and for all; not merely to win the next election cycle, but to eliminate the need for elections at all.  Does this sound like Hilter’s concentration of power before his campaign against the Jews?  Or maybe the lead up to the Communist revolution that preceded the rise of the Soviet Union?  It should.

Then look at ‘O’s mentors and heros: Rev Wright, Bill Aires, Saul Alinsky, Frank Marshall Davis, John L. McKnight, Louis Farrakhan, Oprah, Tony Rezko, LBJ, FDR, and (apparently) The Saudi King.

Do you really want to go any further down this road?

Are you still unconvinced?

If you are,  please study political history and read the ‘D’s recent acts in congress and listen carefully to what the ‘O’ says and compare it to what you have learned.  And please do this quickly, for we haven’t much time for you to catch up.  Then decide where you stand.  Are you going to passively accept the noose intended for your neck, or will you oppose those who are tying it?  And how much energy are you willing to exert, and what sacrifices are you willing to make in an effort to oppose them?

Think on this.

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