Leftys Now Arresting Journos Who Question Them

Breitbart News is reporting on a journalist who was videotaped being arrested by USC officers for asking why Katie Couric was being given an award there.  It appears that such questions are an “unlawful” violation of the leftist establishment’s unwritten code, which apparently trumps the US Constitution, the State Constitution, and over 200 years of court precedents.

The arresting officers seem to be confused about whether or not the journalist is an “official” member of the “media” or not.  On the one hand they deny him the ability to cover the event and conduct interviews on the basis that he is not an official journalist, but on the other hand they attempt to compel him by force to stand in their designated media zone.  Then they turn off the cameras themselves and force the journalist and his two camera men to leave the area they have designated he may not enter.

Apparently no charges were filed and the man was handcuffed and forcibly moved to another location and verbally and physically accosted because he was asking the wrong kind of questions.

It is now apparent that the leftist Media, the Democrats, Academia, and the current members of the local, state and federal law enforcement community DO NOT think the United States Constitution is still in effect, and that is just fine with them, because it was getting in the way of their communist revolution.

Remaining silent is no longer an option, the left has declared war.  The question is will YOU rise up against these traitors?

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