AP: Questioning President's Birth Eligibility is Racist

Well… you knew it had to happen sooner or later.  You were just waiting for it.

The maven of the mainstream media, the Associated Press, has taken the position that Americans dare not ask about the authenticity of Obama’s alleged birth records. Because to do so is, according to AP writer Liz Sidoti, a form of racism.

Yeah, you read that right, the AP have stooped to playing the race card to protect their president.

I say “alleged birth records” here because in truth that is what it is, alleged.  No official copy of Obama’s widely purported “birth certificate” has been made public.  The image of an Obama Hawaiian Certification of Live Birth circulated on the internet has ignited a firestorm of accusations ranging from it being an outright forgery, to it being a useless modern document that fails to state the all important actual location of the place of Obama’s birth for the Constitution’s natural-birth reckoning requirement, not to mention the fact that such “certificaTIONS were also commonly given to children of foreign birth.  So, it proves nothing despite all the press’s vociferous assurances.

The injection of race into the argument is designed to shut down the argument rather than answer the legitimate questions raised.  Something the MSM have become accustomed to doing on behalf of Democrats rather than pressing for real answers from the subjects of their stories.

AP also makes the unsubstantiated pronouncement that Obama’s “Hawaiian birth certificate” (their wording) was “posted online last summer” and called that “proof”, when factually speaking the image does NOT show his actual birth certificate, rather it shows a modern computer printed form called a “certificaTION“, legally meaning that it is not in fact the original “certifiCATE“, but rather represents a printout of a database record that shows No doctor’s name or signature, No witnesses names or signatures, and No hospital’s name or seal.

Why would those names and signatures be critical to proving Obama’s claim on the presidency?


1.    It would show that he was born a US citizen,
2.    That he was born within the borders of the United States, and
3.    That he is lawfully elected, and eligible to hold the office of President of the United States; something that remains in question to this day simply by virtue of the fact that the Hawaiian Secretary of State has said that there IS in fact an original birth certifiCATE on file with the State and that neither she, nor Obama are willing to release it.

That seems like it should be a scandalous revelation in itself.

Why would anyone not be willing to release their own birth certificate when asked for official eligibility reasons?

What harm would there be in it?

What harm indeed!

If the document were to show a NON-US birth place, the harm would, at this point, be immensely traumatic, not only to Obama and his family, but to the government, and the validity of the electoral process itself to say nothing of the harm to the nation and its people.  It would be the biggest fraud and betrayal by an elected official in the history of the United States and would sound the death knell of the Democratic Party who allowed it to happen.

Indeed, all confidence in the Federal Government by the American people would be lost and it would be rightfully compared to a farce of biblical proportions.  The people who work for the federal government would be seen by the public as utterly and hopelessly corrupt and there would be a collapse in confidence in the federal government by the States who would immediately begin to pass laws to avert a second instance of such a stupendous electoral fraud.

Such a revelation and the ensuing scandal and investigation would take years to sort out and would immobilize whole departments of the government leading to paralysis of the other issues and problems that currently affect the nation as a whole.

It almost seems too horrible to contemplate.

That is why the problem can’t be allowed to fester and bleed any further, the time has come to treat this cancer before it spreads any further and threatens the life of the whole body.

If Obama is too afraid to bring his original birth certifiCATE into the light of public scrutiny, then he MUST step down and allow Vice-President Biden to take over the Presidency.  It is the only way to fix the issue and move forward.

So, I AM NOW CALLING FOR BARACK OBAMA TO STEP DOWN AS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, since it is now clear that he is unwilling to show official proof of his actual birth place and citizenship status that is known to exist in State records.

A birth certificate is a basic and common form of proof that EVERY seeker of elected office should submit, and often is legally required to submit before a person can be seated. Obama’s refusal to submit to this basic requirement is suspicious and wholly unacceptable in a US President, and should, in and of itself, disqualify him from holding office.

The Democratic Party, their members in public office, the Democrat controlled media, the Democratic members of the Federal, State, and Local bureaucracies ONE AND ALL, at every level, turned a blind eye to this most basic of elective eligibility requirements thinking that once the election was over, it was a done deal and couldn’t be undone or come back to haunt them.  They were, and are, WRONG and their cover up and their conspirators’ stonewalling of the truth was and is both criminal and treasonous. Such crimes cannot be kept under the radar for long and the guilty parties’ day of reckoning is coming, and undoubtedly they will all hang together and that onerous day will change America forever.

The original AP story: Obama racial stereotypes, falsehoods flourish


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