Political Reality: The Electorate are Stupid and Gullible

Dem Smear Machine at work: The public now has the perception that Republicans were the party of Slavery, when in fact the Slave owners were all Democrats and the Republican Party was formed to defeat Slavery.  The GOP does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to counter these perceptions, and they suffer for it at the polls.  The electorate are stupid and gullible and the MSM and the Schools, and Public Television, and Hollywood all tow the Democrat line and drive home the Dem’s lie, and it works.  Now Obama has every black voter convinced that the greatest Republican in history, Abraham Lincoln, was a Democrat when in fact it was the Democratic Party that was doing it’s best to keep blacks enslaved, non-citizens, non-voters, and poor.  What does the GOP say about this lie?  Nothing.  So black voters overwhelming vote Democratic while their enslaved ancestors spin in their graves and Dems laugh a hearty laugh.

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