Lets Start by Calling a Spade a Spade

John McCain lied to us.


Obviously he hoped for political gain.  He must have known he was ineligible for the presidency by reason of his foreign birth, but he ran anyway.  Don’t believe me? The proof is now available for all to see on the internet. John McCain’s long form birth certificate states that he was born in Colon, Republic of Panama, not Coco Solo, Panama Canal Zone.  I exposed this on Newsbuster’s, to the great irritation of the editors there. Here is a link to my discussion of the topic which contains extensive legal research on the subject.

Why bring this up now?

Well, first of all it proves that it can be done; an ineligible candidate for president can skate right through and get the nomination of a major party and go into the general election without anyone stopping him.

Second, Even though he is now elected President, Barack Obama refuses to disclose his official birth records and even his education records and his passport records. Why? Does he have something to hide?  Will his official long form birth certificate show that he was born outside the US and merely “registered” as a birth, but born abroad?  Remember, his father was not a US Citizen, he was Kenyan.  What is the harm of letting us see the official record of his birth place in Hawaii?  Which hospital was that again? What was the doctor’s name? We just don’t know, and Obama is not telling.

Yeah, but what about the birth certificate that he posted on his web site, I hear you say.

Can we trust the people who posted that? Who are they?  Are they willing to go under oath and vouch for the authenticity of that document?  No, they are not.  Why not?  And why does it not tell us which hospital he was born in, and why is there no birth doctor’s signature?

Could it be because no American doctor birthed that baby?  Could it be because he wasn’t born in an American hospital at all?  We really have no clue who this man is or where he really comes from, well we have the “story” he tells people from his book,  But now we have to remember that John McCain also had a “story” and a book; and now we know that John McCain lied to cover up the fact that he was not born on US soil and that is what natural born Citizenship is.

Yeah, I heard from a lot of people who bleated and bleated that John McCain was natural born because both his parents were US citizens, but that doesn’t fly with the 14th Amendment or the Common Law precedents. But keep in mind here we are not talking citizenship, we are talking Naturalness of birth in the US.

So now lets look at Obama through the same lens.

Where was he born (exactly) and where is the official documentation to support that birth?

No one has seen it, or if they have, they are not talking about what it says. Hmm…

What about the parents citizenship (even if you want to accept the notion that natural birth comes from ones parents)

Father: Not a US-Citizen.  He was Kenyan, which was a UK colony at the time, so that makes him British at the time of Obama’s birth.

Mother: 17 at the time (a minor married to a British subject)  Even though she was herself a citizen, Hawaiian law at the time did not give citizenship to the child of a minor who’s father was not also a citizen.  Did she later go through all of the paper work and documentation to insure that when she was of major age that her son would have US Citizenship? No. She left the country to raise him in Indonesia under another name and adopted by another man.  She enrolled him in school there as an Indonesian Citizen (Indonesia did not offer education at public school for US Citizens)

So now… During the campaign did Obama immediately release his records to clear up any misunderstandings or confusion?  No, he did not.  After he was elected did he release them?  No, he did not.  After his inauguration as President did he release them?  No, he did not.  Does he ever plan to release them?  No, he does not.  How do I know?   His attorneys are actively fighting dozens of cases in court brought by people who hope to force him to release is official birth records.   WHY??

I think we know why, don’t we?

The good news?  He can’t keep this up forever, that is why the Dems are in such a hurry, they know that their time is short.

The Democrat’s day of reckoning is coming.

The Bad news?  Every bill Obama has signed and every executive order he has signed will have to be VOIDED.  What a nightmare that will be to rectify and there is no easy way to do that.  And that is assuming that the Dems still hold the congress at that time, which can’t be assumed at all when Obama is exposed.

When will it all happen?   Soon, my friend, soon.