Boiling Point: Or, A tale of two governments.

To say that the United States(and by that I mean the citizens at large) has become fed up with Washington, D.C. does not come close to touching the surface of the national mood. People are angry, very angry. Americans see in their president, a man of unmatched ego, interested solely in becoming historical, famous, and worst of all popular. Americans have had enough of what they see(correctly I might add) as a government filled with people who simply do not understand the troubles of the common man.

The people of this country have had to seriously tighten their financial belts; curtailing spending on things like vacations, and consumer goods that they cannot afford like a new TV for the family, or a Blu-Ray player. Yet, the people see their government, even in the throes of a recession, about to spend an amount of money that most Americans could never dream of, on taking over the healthcare industry. All of this despite what appears to be an across-the-board consensus that the takeover of American healthcare is very unpopular.

Given the state of our federal government it would appear to most that Liberal-Progressivism is strong and growing stronger. But one needs look no further than little New Jersey, the third smallest, most densely populated, formerly richest of the states. Yes, New Jersey, who a short time ago was much like it’s neighbors to the north, New York and Massachusetts; Liberal, gripped by powerful public-sector unions, taxed to the boiling point, and to most democrat officeholders nothing more than another social experiment.

But there appears to be a ray of light coming from the debt ridden Garden State; it’s jolly(and I use that term with the most respect to the man) new governor, Christopher Christie(R-Morris County). Christie(so far) has shown he is more than willing to take a fiscal chainsaw to the Garden State’s budget, and polls in the state show wide support for his actions. One factor in his support? It would appear that Christie is actually connecting with taxpayers with his tough talk on the budget, and telling legislators that the state must “live within its means” as opposed to the president’s talk of taxing and spending.

It would appear that Liberal-Progressivism is not the political powerhouse that Democrats congressional majorities would have us believe. As I write, the healthcare bill before the House has passed, republicans appear united, moderate democrats are on their way back to their districts for the Easter holiday(and about to get an earful). So, we the people, have two clear choices to make electorally; follow the president into a seemingly endless and unsustainable national debt, or follow New Jersey’s governor back into fiscal sanity. As a wise man once said, “The choice is clear”.