Spot the Protesters!!

Watching the G20 protests this morning is nothing short of hillarity masquerading as comedy!  It really does remind me, appropriately enough of Britians own Monty Python!

set up more than 40 reporters filmed and photographed two (2) thugs/hooligans trash the bank while countless police watched.

“Bring forward the Protesters”

“Bring forward the Protesters”

“Sorry Sir, we only have one Protester”

“Only One Protester”?

“Yes Sir, Sorry Sir”

“Never Mind than, Bring Forward the Protester”

“Ummm Sir,”

“Yes What now”?

“Sir, The Protester did not Bring a Rock”

“What do you mean the Protester did not bring a rock?!”

“Sorry Sir, No rock”

“No Worries, Bring the Protester a Rock”!

“thank you for the rock kind sir, what am I to do with it?”

‘Smash something you Dolt!”

“Alright than, uh, Sir, What would you have me Smash”?

“Urgghhh, Those windows over there!”

click click click

Umm, I’ve tossed me rock Sir, Now what?”

“Scribble something anti-anti on the wall you dolt!”

But Sir, I did not bring a crayon

“Bring the Protester a Crayon”!

And so it goes, out of the estimated number of protesters, a vast many are Journalists and Photographers, all standing close, aiding and abetting with this voyeuristic charade of Hilarity, masquerading as comedy.

“Where are the protesters”?

Reuters reporters said around 300 to 400 protesters attacked the offices of the Royal Bank of Scotland


G20 Protesters Jam London, Storm Royal Bank of Scotland Branch via Fox News

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