Value Producers have NO Confidence in the Administration

Obama Scares me! There, I said it.

My Chosen Craft is that of a Crusader/Shepherd, earning my Green Beret at the age of twenty, then going on to spend the last twenty years as an Operator and Senior Manager in the Executive Protection business, working in very dangerous ultra high threat locations protecting High Value Principals.

I give that background as rationale so that you better understand how critical it is for me to understand the importance of socio-economic politics and, how critical it is for me to accept them for what they are, and not what I wish them to be, (with consequences being life or death).  Being able to “glimpse the maze from above” requires the judicious employment of Reasoning (or Logic), which takes both effort and a conscious choice to execute.

No generation before us has ever been witness to the growth of consciousness and technology that we have witnessed and pioneered in the last Sixty plus years.  The development of the internet as a means of communication is shaking the very core of belief systems, and is changing forever global boundaries:

  • No longer can Mullahs be assured their flocks are getting news only from the preachings at a mosque.
  • No longer do students have to take at face value the ranting of an agenda driven professor
  • No longer do we have to subject our material needs to the corner store
  • Cell phones have matured, and have made communications instantaneous; our ability to “keep in touch” is near limitless
  • Value Producers seem to be reaching the apex of what is possible for fully integrated rational thinking opportunists

Our application of reason, tempered with common sense and wisdom tell us that we are a good people, a people that have been crafted from the greatest melting pot ever known!


  • The Fundamentalists among us want to put the genie back in the bottle and return to a time when it was easier to subjugate minds and control the masses.
  • The Socialists among us have departed from the “glass is half full” argument and went straight to the “glass is dirty and you’re and idiot” argument.
  • No longer is there any “Evil”, for if there is evil, then there surely would have to be “Good”, and to ensure this is so, we are treated to news cycles aimed at an elevation and understanding of evil, and a disparaging and disassembling of good, thusly, if evil is not that evil, and good really is not that good, then there truly is only perception, and the media will manage the perceptions for us, so that we are not required to; integrate, rationalize, nor compound, any type of thought.  We only have to nod our heads in emotional agreeance and trust that a higher power will arise and make it all simple for us again.

The Political Elite in America have set themselves above us by their own decree, aided and abetted by a vast majority of the very members of the media which should serve as our outer perimeter trip wire, and Americas’ value producers have lost all confidence in the current rhythm of Washington.

The vast majority of Americans Internally verify their self worth by creating opportunities for themselves so that they can live better their lives, and concurrently enrich the lives of those around them, while a growing minority seeks external verification by grasping culturally popular concepts such as global warming, world peace, and the legislation of equality to the lowest common denominator so that no person should feel inferior in either effort or results.

I would soon tire of it were the stakes not so high!

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