MI GOP Convention, Think Globally, Act Locally

More than a Feeling?

This was my first trip to the MI GOP State Conventions as a delegate; my background is that of a crusader of sorts; US Army Special Forces, an Executive Protection Specialist and now as editor of this web site. Although my attendance was as a delegate, for transparency purposes (along with some shameless promotion), each attendee that I engaged in conversation with was handed a BriefSynopsis.com business card so that there was no question as to my allegiances.

Conventions are, in most cases little more than an opportunity for the attendees to huddle in hallways and commiserate with old or new acquaintances. Any one attending a political convention with the hope of having input or impact, other than which hotel or motel to stay in, are only setting themselves up for disappointment. The just concluded Michigan GOP convention in Lansing reinforced the Top Down manner in which political parties operate is still alive and well. Among many of the attendees that I spoke with there are great angst’s with this continued approach; I will target a few points now and expound more in future articles why this too shall end in folly.

1. If the outgoing leadership were such wiz bang leaders, where is there more than rhetorical proof? Pointing to a few small skirmishes that were won by individual candidates is not a feather in the Command staffs cap, recruiting, training, equipping and informing a multifaceted fighting force is the Generals most commanding role. County Chapters are still, by and large, left to fend for themselves for; party message, information and technological synergy. (Understanding and appreciating all that Saul has done for our party, we will, and very well should, be forever appreciative. Saul’s biggest contribution is exposing what more must be done to integrate County-District-State-National continuity in the information age.)

2. What is the Michigan GOP message? Anyone? I could not begin to tell you that which we as a party are for. I heard a whole bunch of how we are going to really make gains based on the predicted incompetence and the emerging fiasco going on in Washington, but is that enough? (Side note to all of you on the main stage; if a well Known, and name recognized person is speaking and you have to interrupt her to ask people to stop talking so that she can finish, there might be a message problem!)

3. Chairman Weiser says “We must do it. We can do it. We will do it. We will win.” Ambassadors are not known for their ability to delegate to or take suggestions from the foot soldiers in their down line, if the new Chairman thinks he is inheriting anything other than an organization that has been “weighed measured and found lacking” than he is in for a few rough years on the social circuit. Regardless of the biases in the Main Stream Media, and in spite of the Organized Educational Indoctrination against the Republican Brand, it is the organization systemic structure that is faulty.

We at ground level can and should be assisting the party in returning the systemic power back to the County-District-State-National Level. If you can support the counties with; electronic infrastructure (web sites), Operational structure, continuity and process checklists, then allow message, information, news and report sharing from the National-State-District-County, the ranks will swell immediately and bring with it vetted individuals, email addresses and accurate snap polling form the grassroots level. By and large Conservatives, Libertarians, and Republicans all distrust the current and emerging structure of top down dictation. Washington has become way too powerful, if we, as a party, are going to accept battle (are they not at war with us?) than we must and should organize ourselves into the structure we wish to implement, not the structure we fear! Every Special Forces Candidate learns in the earliest phases of training that you Delegate to empower and build trust not to transfer your Burden.

Final Point for emphasis, having Vice-Chairs for; Coalitions, Grassroots, Youth, Ethnic and Outreach are all great and much needed. Where are the Media, Educational and Veterans Vice-Chairs?

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