ObamaCare Contractor Working in Wisconsin Filed for Bankruptcy

One of six groups contracted by the federal government to help facilitate the implementation of ObamaCare in Wisconsin filed for bankruptcy last year. R & B Receivables of Waukegan, Illinois has been awarded $104,520 to serve as an ObamaCare “Navigator” group, educating people about, and enrolling them in, the new federally-run ObamaCare insurance exchange set to open on October 1. According to federal court documents, the company filed for bankruptcy in September of 2012.

Filings from the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Illinois show the company requesting Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as it owed various creditors millions of dollars. An affidavit signed by the company’s president, Dennis Brebner, begged the court to approve the distribution of $106,000 to pay the 86 employees of the company while it worked to sort out its financial woes.

On its website, R & B Receivables, which also does business as R & B Solutions, touts a program it runs to “empower individuals and enhance their awareness, knowledge and skills pertaining to financial literacy and debt management issues.”

In bankruptcy documents, the company explains that it also works to help individuals and medical care providers determine eligibility for government-run medical assistance programs, like Medicaid. A federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, CMS, summary of the Navigator grant to R & B Receivables says the company was picked because of its, “experience screening people for eligibility for medical assistance programs to connect people with coverage.”

The company’s creditors included Washington Partners, LLC, a Washington D.C.-based public affairs and lobbying firm, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and the Florida Department of Education’s Office of Student Financial Assistance Default Aversion Unit.

Despite the bankruptcy filing, it appears as if the Obama Administration’s Department of Health and Human Services trusts R & B Receivables enough to award them a significant contract to do ObamaCare-related work in Wisconsin.