Dick Lugar Is The Failed Establishment

By: Brian Sikma

Washington is broken. For decades elites in both parties have traded control back and forth. With but few exceptions the wise old men in both parties have disagreed not about the path the country should take, but how fast that path should be traveled. The end result: Americans now have a federal government bigger than ever before, spending more than ever before, regulating more than ever before, and saddled with enough debt and deficits to threaten the future of the next generation. For the first time ever the next generation of Americans faces the very real possibility that their standard of living will decrease from that of their parents and grandparents.

The general inertia of the federal government as it explodes in size, scope and cost is the product of countless pacts made with the devil as establishment insiders have cut deals to maintain their power. When elitists Republicans like Richard Lugar compromise it has been a wholesale sell out of principles in exchange for political power and prestige. They trade away the future of the nation for their own legacy.

Washington is broken because the establishment is self-serving.

Senator Richard Lugar is not a member of the establishment; he is the establishment.

When Lugar took office in 1977 the national debt stood at $706 billion. Adjusted for inflation that would be close to $2 trillion in today’s money. Now, the national debt is $15.7 trillion. How much longer can we stand the likes of Richard Lugar championing fiscal responsibility and bringing Hoosier common sense to Washington?

Richard Lugar’s entire career in the United States Senate has morphed into walking onto the field, playing defense and compromising away on almost every single major issue facing the country. Democrats and liberals don’t mind it when Republicans walk onto the field and compromise – it gives them the political cover they need to continue to sell out the future of the country. What Democrats and liberals do mind is when Republicans and conservatives decide they actually believe in America enough to start fighting for her future.

It’s not enough to simply put on the uniform and go play defense. Politics is a full contact sport and with a nation in the balance we need to field champions who will start fighting the giants of the establishment. It’s time for conservatives to play to win. Washington needs to see more senators who are fighters, not compromisers.

Shortly after he was elected to the Senate in a Tea Party sweep in 2010, Wisconsin businessman Ron Johnson quipped to his new colleagues “I didn’t come to join the club, I came to join the fight.” Richard Lugar is the club’s president, and Indiana has a chance to replace him with a true fighter.

Richard Mourdock will never be named Barack Obama’s favorite Republican. He won’t win the applause of the pundits and elites who are enamored by their own brilliance but can’t understand the values that everyday Americans hold dear. Mourdock won’t arrive in Washington ready to join the club, he’ll arrive ready to join the fight because already in Indiana he’s stood for conservative principles and challenged the Obama Administration’s unprecedented power grab aimed at scuttling free enterprise.

From my vantage point on the front line of the fight here in Wisconsin, I know the difference between an individual who stands up to established bullies and a person who desperately wants their approval. As someone who is proud to be Hoosier born and raised, I’m asking conservatives in Indiana to vote for Richard Mourdock on May 8th. It’s time to push back on failed establishment liberals regardless of their party affiliation. It’s time to starting winning the fight for the future of our country.

This endorsement reflects my personal views and is not an endorsement by any organization with which I am affiliated.