Obama Sued by AAPS and CURE

The White House is being sued by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and the Coalition for Urban Renewal and Education for their “fishy” information collection at [email protected].’ I have been waiting for the lawsuits to start. This administration has shown a shocking lack of regard for the laws of the land, especially those that limit government power.

First was the GM and Chrysler takeover, where bondholders were pushed out while the UAW was given control of the companies that they helped destroy. This not only violated Federal statute regarding bankruptcy, but will chase badly needed investment dollars away from any union company for years. This was only legal because the Obama administration bullied the bondholders into forfeiting their rights. This used to be called “extortion.”

Next was the unlawful termination of AmeriCorps AG Gerald Walpin for having the audacity to do his job. He reported misuse of funds by Obama supported Kevin Johnson at St. Hope and, like so much wrongdoing of Obama supporters, the White House provided cover. Illegally.

Now we have the White House collecting an enemies list in violation of the First Amendment protecting laws that were enacted after Nixon’s famous enemies list. Unfortunately I have quite a bit of experience dealing with bullies. You have to stand up to them. It will be painful at first, but it will be more painful later if you don’t. I cringe every time I see groups making appeasements with the Bully in Chief. Bullies are never satisfied. And don’t think his dropping poll numbers are going to slow him down. Public opinion is irrelevant in the opinion of the Elitists (how else can you explain the “Health Care Town Meetings” we have been seeing?) He is going to push his far left agenda against public opinion, against all laws, and against the Constitution itself until either He or America breaks.

(H/T Townhall.com.)


P.S. Now that I have written this, it occurs to me that I am missing quite a few, such as Obama using churches to push his government takeover of health care in violation of the “Separation of Church & State (where is that in the Constitution?) Is there a canonical list somewhere? The only thing I can find is lacking in credibility.

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