Progressives hate people.

Oh, they’ll give you the peace and love and “for their own good” talk, but really, they hate people.

Sometimes overtly, sometimes not, they hate people. Not “the people” as a whole, they’re all for “the people”, but they hate individual people. You see individuals just don’t behave in a manner that is good for “the people”. Individuals don’t behave in a way that allows central planners (lead by progressives) to manage how people behave and what they use resources for.

Individuals want to do things like:
1. Deciding how to spend their own money. Progressives hate that….. People who spend their own money might decide to spend it on something other than free range chickens or carbon neutral milk. They might even decide to spend their own money on that ultimate evil… charity! (I kid you not, a local sociology professor recently lamented the fact that people gave money to cancer research instead of “understanding each other, debunking mystical religions and getting rid of political boundaries.”)

2. Deciding what medical insurance (if any) they should have. You see individuals can’t be trusted to do what’s in their own best interest so it must be mandated what coverage they have.

3. Deciding what food to eat. Individuals might decide to eat french fries produced by an evil corporate empire like McDonald’s! Heaven forbid (oooppps can’t use the word heaven, that religion thing you know) that they should actually LIKE the taste of potatoes cooked in beef tallow (outlawed years ago) or in trans-fatty oils (gone recently), progressives won’t be satisfied until McDonald’s fried are nothing more than a tasteless mash (they’re getting close now). Of course putting SALT! on the things just compounds the error of the individual.

4. Deciding to start a business selling something or other. This is pretty much shutdown by excessive permitting processes and regulations, but it’s a danger to progressive ideology none the less.

5. Take care of themselves and their families without government assistance. Horror of horrors!!!!! The very idea of individuals who can take care of themselves, advance their income, improve their lives … without the government doing it for them….. well put yourself in a progressive’s place….

6. Take care of their own retirement savings. If people only knew that they could save considerably more money for retirement without Social Security and had a choice, no one would contribute to it! The whole thing would collapse even faster than it is now! Not only that, but a significant portion of the population that is dependent upon SS would no longer have to look to the government to make it to the next month.

You have probably gotten the point by now. Being against individual freedom is hating people. So next time you get a progressive telling you how the government MUST MANDATE something that individuals are perfectly capable of deciding for themselves. Just ask them
“Why do you hate people? Why don’t you LOVE people enough to trust them?”

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