RUN THE PARTY! - become a Precinct Committeeman

Coldwarrior has been beating the drum for getting conservatives involved in politics and inside the Republican party making decisions instead of being outside complaining. If his arguments haven’t convinced you yet, maybe this one will.

Precinct Committeemen get to pick the candidates!

This week, mriggio and I will get together with the other Precinct Committeemen in District 3 at the public library in Washington, IL and will select a replacement candidate for the Tazewell county board.
Tazewell County

The person who had been running for this seat has formally withdrawn from the race and the procedure to replace him requires that the Precinct Committeemen in the district caucus to select a replacement.

In this district, it is likely that the Republican candidate will be elected to the county board, so in effect, the Precinct Committeemen will be selecting the person to serve on the board. That’s a HUGE responsibility and a great deal of power from a job that only takes 10 petition signatures or an appointment by the county chairman.

In case you haven’t gotten the message yet…. if you want to have a say in the direction of this party and of the country, become a precinct commiteeman!