Everybody loves a parade!

Part of getting involved in politics is supporting your local candidates. That means among other things you get to:
1. Attend fund raising dinners. Most candidates have a variety of fund raising dinners ranging in price from “OMG! How can anyone afford to pay THAT for a meal!” to “$20 spaghetti dinners” for the masses. These are important because candidates can’t do much without some money.
2. Passing out literature either door to door or at a booth somewhere.
3. Making calls.
4. Giving money outright!
and one I get to do for the first time today….
5. Marching in a Parade!

Yes folks, the Tremont Turkey Festival Parade is this afternoon and yours truly gets to march in it as part of the Tazewell County GOP delegation. I’m not certain what job I’ll get today. My county chairman said it depends how many people show up. I might hold the GOP banner, ride on the fire truck, or help Mary Burress hand out candy to support her campaign for county treasurer.

Whatever I do, I expect to have FUN!!! doing it.

If anyone is in the central Illinois area this afternoon, stop in and say HI! Or better yet, join the parade!

If you’re not in the area, contact your local candidates and see what fun events you can attend or help run. They’ll be glad to have your help!