Rasmussen is showing Brady leading Quinn by 11 in IL-GOV

The latest Rasmussen Reports survey of the Illinois Governor’s race is showing Republican Bill Brady with 47% support while the Democrat Quinn only gets 36%. That’s an 11 point lead! The report is also showing 8% preferring “some other candidate” (there is a Green and a Libertarian that I’m aware of) and 10% still undecided.

This is wonderful news for those of us who want a return to honest government in the state. The MOE on the survey is pretty high at 4.5% which means that Quinn COULD actually be within 2 points of Brady, however the lead is a trend that has been steady since Brady won the GOP primary in March.

The news will only get better as Quinn’s former boss and running mate stands trial. Blago’s trial is getting interesting as his former aides have started to testify to the level of corruption that existed in that administration. Quinn has been trying hos best to distance himself from Blago, but that’s not going to fly. Not even in Illinois.

While I really think that Brady is going to win this election, as you all know, campaigns take money. Lots of money. And this is Illinois so it takes even more money for a Republican to win, even when he’s 11 points ahead. So please take a moment to visit his website and give a little cash to help us out.