Bill Brady could turn Illinois back to a RedState

I went to a Bill Brady event in Peoria Monday evening. He was making a Tour of Illinois to thank his supporters and to talk with the press. The stop in Peoria happened to coincide with the County Lincoln Day Dinner and allowed him to have the support of a large number of local elected officials in the room including Rep. Aaron Schock (R, IL-18) who was the featured speaker at the event.
Press conference in Peoria
photo by Paul Wilkenson

The article doesn’t list much of his policy discussion, I guess actual policy is too boring for your average news reader these days, but he did spend a bit of time answering some very good questions by the local TV reporter (most of which ended up on the cutting room floor).

His main talking points are related to bringing jobs back to Illinois. He wants to hold or reduce tax rates to attract employers to the state rather than raising taxes by 50% and driving people away.

When asked about cutting the State budget he explained his plan to cut 10% across the board in State Agencies. He also talked about restructuring state agencies which I think would be the longer term fix for spending. This state has become top heavy in most agencies and has a number of “kingdoms” built up. Art Chance’s guide to fixing a state government would do wonders in Illinois.

He also talked about something that Pat Quinn has been avoiding, fixing our state pension system. One of the key elements here is to move new employees from a defined benefit plan to a defined contribution plan. The state’s plan is currently estimated to be $80 Billion underfunded, mostly due to the last several administrations using the pension fund as a piggy bank. That’s a liability that has to be gotten under control.

When asked about Quinn’s charges that he’s too conservative, he gave the appropriate answer, he’s not focussed on ideology, he’s focussed on fixing the state and bringing jobs back to Illinois.

Bill Brady likely to take back Illinois.

Now many people say that the close primary election suggests that Brady doesn’t have much support, but a friend of mine posted this map on Facebook.
Winners by County - 2010 Illinois GOP Primary
The counties that Brady won are shaded purple. As you can see, the vast majority of the state went for Brady. Most of the other counties went either for Adam Andrezejewski or Kirk Dillard who would be the closest to Brady in ideology. In my unscientific polling, the people I spoke with prior to the primary had Brady as their second choice if they weren’t going to vote for him, especially among Andrezejewski supporters. Kirk Dillard stated that he will be throwing his support behind Brady and will work hard to get him elected.

Bill Brady is leading Pat Quinn by 10 points in the first Rasmussen poll of the election season. (HT redneck_hippie for the link).

Probably the most critical point from that survey is

Forty-three percent (43%) of Illinois voters approve of the job Quinn is doing as governor, while 56% disapprove.

It’s VERY hard to win an election if more than half of the population disapproves of the job you’re doing. And Quinn’s likely to drop even farther as he flies around the state spreading pain and suffering by cutting essential services while ignoring a top heavy administration. He’s pushing for a 50% tax increase and seems to be trying to scare people into supporting it. I don’t think that’ll work to his advantage.

Like everyone else we talk about, he needs money to get the message to the voters and win this election. If you care about turning a blue state red, please contribute to Bill Brady so we can take Illinois back!