We, the RedState community, need to become educators.

It’s becoming clear that a large portion of the American people are ignorant (not stupid, but ignorant as in not educated) about politics and the methods by which people are elected and how our government actually functions. They also don’t understand who the various players in the game are. What is a conservative? What is a Liberal? Socialism? In this country?! That’s partially because they were only taught a vague high level view of how things should ideally work without being taught any of the details. I doubt that the people teaching them know much more than this hazy view themselves. There’s also quite a bit of apathy to the political process. Some of this is by design since the true believers in socialism have been trying to build groups of useful idiots for a LONG time.

I don’t blame the people. I’ve been actively trying to learn for many years and I still don’t understand all the rules and intricacies of the electoral process. It’s true that some of the details are purposely obscure to make it difficult for any but the party insiders to get elected. Other rules are to make sure that ballots aren’t flooded with people with no support and no idea what they’re doing which takes away from serious candidates. Either way, if you want to make serious changes, you can’t do it with just a fuzzy high level picture. You have to understand the game to win it. The left has learned this lesson and managed to give us Obama for a President.

So we the RedState Community need to start educating people. We need to be going to political gatherings of all types and talking to people. We need to explain our positions and let people know what the ideology currently defined as conservatism is. The labels and stereotypes don’t help. There is so much misinformation and outright propaganda out there that it’s going to be an uphill battle. But when you’re battling, please remember to be kind to your audience. It will do nothing to dispel the myths about conservatives if you get angry when people have misconceptions about you. Remember, they were told lies about you by other parties. It’s better to laugh at the “racists” “Nazi” ,etc. labels and calmly explain what you really believe.

I’ve found that most people who currently label themselves Democrats, moderates or even liberals are really fairly conservative in their own beliefs. When they start to understand that they share our ideals rather than those of the other party, they can be won over to our side for life.

So why you? Why can’t someone else do the educating? Isn’t that what schools are for? etc… Well, frankly no one else is going to do it, so it’s left to you. Or rather it’s left to us, because I am not excluding myself from this project. A wise man here once said “We are the cavalry”. (Sorry Moe, but I can’t find the link to your original posting of that phrase).

But you don’t know enough to educate others you say? Well fortunately, Penguin2 has been kind enough to write about RedState University just when I had the idea to write about this. Consider it your library of conservative thought. If there is a topic that you don’t feel comfortable talking about, look there first. By the way, if someone asks you about a topic that you don’t know about, don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know, but I’ll find out.” or similar phrase. Most people would rather have you find a correct answer for them than have you blow smoke up their… well you get the point.

This is a call to action! You must do this because it needs done and no one else is going to do it! If not you, then who? We are the cavalry!