Liberals regret Obama's desire to be like the rest of us poor slobs.

Last night Bill Maher was on the Jay Leno show. Leno asked Maher what he thinks of the “New” Obama. Maher seemed a bit upset with the shift saying he didn’t like Obama’s shift to populism. He didn’t want Obama to be a common man. “He’s not a populist, he’s an elitist. That’s what I like about him. He’s smarter that the rest of us.” (To loud cheering in the audience.) Then he went on a rant about Obama doing populist things.

There’s so many things wrong with that statement that it makes my head hurt.

First is the very problem with the people who think there should be an elitist class that rules us. Sorry, that one goes against the very fiber of my being. This country was founded upon the principle that all people were created equal and that each person should rule himself. When he gets cheers to a statement like that it makes me weep for the soul of this country. What is wrong with those people! Don’t they know what they’re cheering for! “Yes! Yes! A king, we need a king!”*

I really can’t get past that one. I was going to go on about how Obama isn’t really smarter than the rest of us, but that’s irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if Obama’s smarter than the average bear or dumb as a rock. He was elected president, not king. It seems that’s the heart of the difference between leftist ideologies and conservatism. Leftist seem to think that there are people who are better than themselves (or more commonly that they are part of the elite) who can decide what is best for those who are too stupid to be part of the elite. Conservatives think that people are best left to decide their own lives and paths for themselves.

Why are people so ignorant of history and ignorant of the evils of tyrannical government control over their lives? Why do people think that other men can rule over them and make better decisions about their lives than they can make themselves? I can’t answer those questions. I can only keep asking them. It makes me sad that I have to ask it.

*Biblical reference and paraphrase of 1 Samuel 8. Prior to this time Israel had Judges rather than rulers and as it said in the last line of Judges (NIV) “In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as he saw fit.” People haven’t changed much since the time of Saul and David have they? God desires that people be free, but many people want to be ruled. Vassar’s equating of socialist ideologies with Lewis’s enemy is making more sense every day.