Illinois 2010 Primary - some results

First the governor’s race is too close to call on the Republican side. As of this writing, Bill Brady is leading by 503 votes with a little less that 100 precincts not reported. I’m told that most of the delay is due to absentee ballots so the final results will take up to another 2 weeks. Brady was my first choice for Governor with Adam Andrzejewski a close second. Adam isn’t in the running now (45K behind). Kirk Dillard is in second place with McKenna about 8000 votes behind the other too. I’d rather NOT have to support either of them, so I REALLY hope that the final results show the same finish order.

We’ve all heard Mark Kirk won the Senate race and will be facing Alexi from the mobster party. I wasn’t a big fan of Kirk, but in this election there is no doubt who is the better candidate and I will FULLY support Kirk in the general election.

On the good news front. I got an email from Adam Kinzinger this morning stating that he had a victory at 63%!!!!! Go Adam!!!!! He’s going to need our help to defeat Debbie Halvorson. For those that haven’t seen anything about Adam, I’ve written about him here on RedState a few times.

Our friend Joel Pollak ran unopposed in the IL-9 primary. He’s going to face Jan Schakowsky in the general election and can also use our help. For those of you who were at the RedState gathering in Atlanta, he’s the guy who had the table in the back of the room selling his book. He’s also someone who’s taken on Barney Frank.

On my local races, I did about 50% on my preferred candidates. Not too bad since the people my choices lost to are good folks. I’m happy with the people we’re running in November.