The Senate Needs a Man who Understands Economics

I had been struggling with picking from among several very good candidates for the Republican candidate for US Senate in Illinois. I had finally narrowed my choices down to 2, Patrick Hughes (who was recently endorsed by Erick) and Judge Don Lowery.

Pat Hughes is pretty good at articulating conservative principles. He’s a young dynamic speaker with a solid business background. And he’s getting a lot of national attention (a big plus when it comes to fund raising). He’s from Hinsdale (a wealthy suburb of Chicago) where he’s a real estate developer (yellow flag).

Don Lowery is a soft spoken retired circuit Judge from southern Illinois (he grew up in central Illinois). He’s running on a platform of stopping outrageous government spending, cutting taxes, support for the 2nd amendment, pro-life, and personal integrity. He’s not as flashy as Hughes, but he’s more genuine. He recently put out a campaign video which gives an idea of his disposition.

I was undecided between the 2 until last night… Last week, after a 9/12 Meet the Candidate forum (the one Hughes left to talk with Mark Levin) I was discussing the event with a group of others who had attended and one noticed a bullet on the Judge’s background info. He has an undergraduate degree in Economics and had won the Wall Street Journal Outstanding Student in Economics Award. We thought, hey this could be a big deal! But there are many people who have economic degrees who are socialists or even communists. I thought I’d better find out what type of economics he believes in, so I emailed him.

The answer I got wasn’t the one I expected. He sent me a message:

Brian, I would be happy to speak with about economic issues. My cell is 618-xxx-xxxx. Just give me a call, if I am in a meeting I will return the call.

Wow! I’m not a reporter. I’m not Erick Erickson or anyone else on the world’s most influential conservatives list. I’m just one of the people. Well I didn’t call him. He’s a busy man and I didn’t want to pester him.

Last night I walked into a precinct committeeman’s meeting and the man standing at the door was Judge Lowery. He was very open and willing to answer any questions I had. He told me that he’s a firm believer in free markets and in the idea that lower taxes mean more jobs and a higher standard of living in the US. He said he thinks there’s some truth to the Laffer curve, but didn’t seem to wholeheartedly believe it as a fixed number (that’s OK because I don’t think there is fixed point where you get maximum revenue).

I suggested that he should mention his economics background in future appearances because the people currently in office don’t seem to understand economics. He agreed and added “Nor do they care”.

Judge Lowery DOES care. He’s running for this office because he’s tired of seeing the waste and corruption in Washington. He’s a lot like most of the people who I met at tea party events. He’s fed up with what he’s seeing with business as usual politicians and he’s wanting to put a stop to it. I hope that you will join me by throwing your support behind Judge Don Lowery for U.S. Senate in Illinois. If you are an Illinois resident, please vote for him on February 2.

We NEED someone in the Senate who understands Economics!