Is is just me or are the Palinites starting to sound like Pauliacs? (updated)

**************update **************************
My apologies to all you people who support Sarah Palin, but do NOT deify her. This diary was not intended to talk about you. (I actually fit into this category, I LIKE SARAH!!! She belongs in the Republican party, not a 3rd party! She gives a conservative message and scares the lefties. I get that.)

This diary was intended to talk about the people who, rather than debating any perceived slight against Sarah attack the person giving their opinion. They attack the character and motives of the person rendering the opinion rather than the issue that was brought up (and yes sometimes it does go both ways, but not in most cases I’ve seen).

If you are one of those people, STOP IT!! You are hurting your candidate, not helping her.

Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Sarah! Sarah!

The cheering is the same. The complete lack of ability to logically look at anything said or done by the person is the same. The attack mode launched against any perceived slight is the same. The quick jump to conspiracy theories when anything goes wrong is the same.

So what happened? Did the Pauliacs all become Palinites?

Come on people!!! Use your brains!!!!!

Sarah had a message that resonated with people. That doesn’t make her the New One or Our One or whatever unrealistic picture you want to paint of her. You’re only setting yourself up for ridicule followed by a supreme letdown when you find out she’s not perfect. And she’s not perfect. She’s human. She’s done some things in her political career that you probably wouldn’t like if you believed it (Art Chance can fill you in). She’s committed sins (yep even her).

There, let the attacks begin.

P.S. I was a FredHead. I liked Fred and I liked his policies and I would have loved, loved, loved to see him in place of The Won in the White House. But you know, Fred wasn’t perfect. I knew that and all the other FredHeads also knew that. You saw us supporting him, but not the blind fawning praise that you see of Sarah, Ron Paul, or The Won. So please, learn a lesson and like your chosen political star, but be realistic about her abilities too.