True to form, Lisa Madigan (D) Illinois Attn. Gen. says NO to secret ballots.

One of the ways that totalitarian governments remain in power is to remove the ability of citizens to cast secret ballots. The Nazi’s, Saddam Hussein’s government and other oppressive regimes had a brownshirt or other thug standing over you to make sure you voted correctly. The soviets allowed “secret” ballots but you only had the “choice” of 1 candidate and had to vote. The pattern is the same in all cases where an oppressive government wants to put on the skin of legitimacy by “winning” and election.

Democrats in Illinois have started the process and are starting to show their true colors (again). A recent law requires that machines notify election judges if a voter under votes on any ballot race or question. Some interpretations have suggested that the whole ballot be considered spoiled if a voter chooses to not vote for one particular office or another.

Worse, the Democrat’s highest legal official in Illinois, Lisa Madigan has issued her opinion on the matter “While plaintiff attempts to suggest to the court that there is a fundamental right to a secret ballot, no such right exists.”

But apparently, she it not familiar with the Illinois State Constitution which states:


The General Assembly by law shall define permanent
residence for voting purposes, insure secrecy of voting and
the integrity of the election process, and facilitate
registration and voting by all qualified persons. Laws
governing voter registration and conduct of elections shall
be general and uniform.

But this is typical of Democrat elected officials these days. They ignore both the US and State constitutions and implement laws that are designed to suppress dissent to their rule.