Chuck Smith for Congress VA-02

I first heard of Chuck Smith today when I received notice that he was following me on twitter. That got my curiosity up and I started doing some research.

Chuck Smith is running for congress in the VA-02 district.

Virginia’s second congressional district was a recent pick up for the Democrats. Last year, Democrat Glenn Nye won against the incumbent Thelma Drake* 52.40% to 47.46%. This district had been a Republican district since 2000 and voted for George Bush twice.

Chuck Smith

Chuck is a veteran of the Marines and served as a Navy JAG. He also has a long history with the Virginia Republican party including serving as a country chair, and the most important office in the country, a precinct captain.

He has been referred to as a strong conservative by the local Republican party and his issues page backs up that statement.

I hope you’ll join me in wishing that Mr. Smith goes to Washington in 2010.

*Thelma Drake has announced that she will not seek this seat in 2010.

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