On conservatism and "Right-Wing Extremists"

The recent DHS memo that warned our nation’s law enforcement officers to watch out for “Right-Wing Extremists” seems to have brought it’s share of trolls and Moby’s to RedState recently. The theme is always the same “Oh, the memo didn’t mean YOU. It meant those extreme conservatives who become neo-Nazi’s and white supremacists.”

And there lies the heart of the problem. The memo achieved it’s goal of tying conservatives to these hate groups. The progressives have over the years managed to convince people that somehow people who love liberty, equality of justice, and the constitution of this country can, when taken to an extreme level, suddenly turn into hate mongering statists.

In other words, the extreme end of conservatism is the exact opposite of conservatism. The leap in logic required to come to that conclusion is something I find curious. To me, an extreme conservative would become a small L libertarian. Someone who believes the state should just but out of our business altogether.

Conservatism is based on individual liberty at it’s core. Statism is anathema to anyone with conservative values.* We don’t hate people.

There are some historical facts that the progressives like to ignore. The Nazi’s were socialists. True, they allowed corporations to continue to run so long as they met state approval, and were quick to take over or replace the heads of any corporations that didn’t (sound familiar?). But they were primarily socialists. They appealed to populist messages and they required an unswerving devotion to the goals of the state. They directed the public towards hating a group of scapegoats who they claimed were responsible for all the ills of the country (traditional socialists used the bourgeoisie, the Nazi’s used the Jews).

The ultimate white supremacist group in this country is the KKK. Another convenient fact that the progressives like to ignore is that the KKK was a group that was born from a political party. Only it wasn’t the Republicans who were the basis of it’s membership. No, it was another party that spawned this evil. The conservatives in the Republican party were often targets of this groups wrath because our ideology was so offensive to them. After all, how DARE we say that “All men are created equal.”

It’s time we start fighting the lies that have been told about us and denounce this smear. NEVER let anyone get away with equating nazis, white supremacists, or other hate groups with anything do do with conservatism.

* I was banned from KOS after posting this exact phrase. Though I went out of my way to state that I didn’t think THEY were Nazis.