Illinois has a new pro-abortion bill HB2354

My wife just received a call from a push-poll trying to drum up support for a new pro-abortion bill in the Illinois General Assembly. The caller explained the bill as for Women’s Reproductive Health, improving contraception and preventing women from ever being forced into an abortion and asked her if she wanted to be connected with our state rep. Mike Smith (D) to express support for the bill. The “pollster” avoided using the word abortion until my wife asked her directly if it’s pro-abort. The pollster did answer that yes it included pro-abortion measures.

She did tell my wife the bill number which I found here.

The summary states several purposes of the bill, but included are:

Provides that the
“State or any municipality, political subdivision, or other governmental
unit or agency shall not:”
“(3) deny or interfere with a pregnant woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy”

“Provides that the State shall ensure that individuals
eligible for State medicaid assistance, or other State medical assistance,
receive financial assistance for reproductive healthcare at least to the
same extent as other comparable services.”

This bill is explicitly legalizing abortion in Illinois and providing that the state pay for abortions.

If you live in Illinois, I urge you call your representatives and senators and tells them to kill this bill!