Governor Quinn may have just handed Illinois back to us.

Yesterday, Governor Quinn submitted his new budget to the legislature. There are some surprises in it that may have handed this state back to the GOP! But it’s not a done deal. We need to USE this opportunity to get people behind the Republican cause.

Just some of the interesting things that we can use:
1. A 50% increase in the income tax rate! Yes, that’s right 50%!!!!!! That’s something that will be noticed by everyone who collects a check in Illinois and a 50% tax increase is a bit steep even by Democrat standards. Yes, they’re increasing the deduction per exemption, but that isn’t going to offset the increase for most people. I’m going to use this everywhere!

2. A $1.00/pack increase in the cigarette tax. I don’t smoke, but those who do are going to be livid. Let’s use that anger to recruit.

3. A Huge increase in infrastructure spending while at the same time cutting other government services. Why is he increasing capital spend if he has to raise taxes and cut other services to make it happen?

And that’s just the headline overview. I haven’t seen the detailed budget yet, but given that it’s a Democrat in office, it’s got to have tons of pay for play in it. People have just seen pay for play get blown with Blago. They aren’t real sympathetic to more of it.

Those of you in Illinois, let’s start USING this to change people from Dem leaning to Republican leaning! We might even get some permanent converts!

Update: I found the entire 482 page budget.
It’s going to take some time to get through this one.