I've invited some Kids to visit. Please grant a little tolerance.

After my recent banning from KOS, some of the posters there questioned the very idea of KOS banning posters. “We aren’t RedState” was the comment.

I couldn’t resist a chance to show them that “No, you aren’t RedState.”….

Anyway, while I explained the basic rule of be polite, back up their statements with facts, no profanity etc. they may be suffering a bit of culture shock. Please give them a warning and a bit of guidance before deciding on summary execution. Let’s start to turn some of them towards the light. I don’t expect any of them to convert to conservatism any time soon, but maybe we can shake their minds open a bit.

This was NOT an open ended invite. Only personal emails to a small select few who showed a hint of independent intelligence.

If the moderators don’t like me doing this, please say so now and I’ll stop. If this works out, I’ll keep it up. If nothing else it may bump up the site visits.