Get involved in local politics! Illinois township caucus Jan 13, 2009

Promoted from the diaries by Erick. This is an excellent example of local activism coverage at RedState. I highly encourage you to join the RedState Army and let’s organize on more stuff like this. We have 172 people in Illinois signed up so far. Let’s add to them and I’ll send a reminder about this as the time draws closer.

I’m sure you’ve always heard that all politics are local.  Well, the only thing more local than township politics is the small town council.  If you want to make a difference at the local level, the township caucuses are the place to start.

In Illinois, all townships outside Cook County (Chicago) with a population of less than 5000 will use a caucus method for choosing candidates by default (it can be a primary if the local party chooses to use one, but this requires some special actions by the local party chairmen).  Townships with a population of more than 5000 that are within the borders of a city will normally have a primary instead.  The VAST majority of townships in Illinois do not get this exception and will use a caucus.  The date for the township caucuses is fixed by law.  This year the date is January 13th.  The time and place is left to the local party officials to decide.

If you live in Illinois outside Cook county, call your local Republican party to find out the location and time for the caucus.  Be sure to attend and ask questions.  Pick people who have some idea of how to manage an organization and pick people who tend towards fiscal conservatism.  If there are no Republican candidates, volunteer to fill the slot (empty ballot slots really irritate me).  These are the people who control a good chunk of your property tax bill, so even if you never think about township officials, they DO matter to your financial condition.