McCain missed a great chance when responding to Whoopi.

As Pejman’s RedHot pointed out, Whoopi was being an idiot and trying to slam McCain.

However, McCain missed a GOLDEN opportunity to use that attack to explain how the supreme court sometimes makes mistakes. He could have used other wrongly decided cases like Dred Scott to explain that the courts shouldn’t be ruling based on social pressure, but rather based on the laws and how they relate to the constitution.

He further missed the opportunity to point out that there is an amendment process for the constitution and that the amendments that prohibit slavery are now part of the constitution. He could have used that as a way to state that if the people really want a right to abortion in the constitution, the proper way to get that right enumerated is by making another amendment.

Oh well, I’m sure he’ll have other opportunities to explain to idiots like Whoopi that the courts are not the proper place for making laws, rather that’s congress’s job.

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