So, will Republican reporters cover the Republican convention?

Last night when flicking through the convention coverage to get to something interesting, we stopped on one of the major networks for a few minutes to hear their talking heads give glowing reports of the action at the Dem lovefest. She (who hates all things politics) asked, “So, will Republicans cover the Republican convention?” I assume she thought the networks would try to be fair and provide a little bit of balance to their fawning coverage of Obama’s anointment.

My response was “They don’t have any.”

Of course she thought I misunderstood, “No you idiot, I know there aren’t any Republicans at the Democrat convention, but will the networks send their Republican reporters to their convention?”

Again “They don’t have any.”

She looked a with a disbelieving “There he goes on his Republican slant again.” and asked “You mean NONE of the people at the networks are Republicans?”

My answer “Well, there’s George Will, but he’s a Sunday morning show guy. And about half of the Fox people are Rebublicans, but no, none of the other news people are Republican. Some claim to be independents, but they obviously lean to the Democrats.” (I actually forgot about CNBC which has a couple of Republicans as well but they’re business reporters so they won’t be doing the main convention coverage.)

I thought I might turn this into a general question to the group. Outside of Fox news and CNBC, are there any Republicans in the news departments of major networks? George Will is the only one I can think of and he’s a bit squishy. Anyone else?