Ann Coulter agrees we are fighting in Afghanistan to vindicate Obama's campaign rhetoric

The title to Ann Coulter’s latest article on Townhall.com is entitled “Bill Kristol should Resign”.  In the article, Ms. Coulter advances the same arguments about Michael Steele and the problems in Afghanistan that I put forth here on Red State on July 2nd. 

For instance, Ms. Coulter agrees that Michael Steele was right.  She also asserts that we won in Afghanistan under Bush and turned our attention to Iraq.  But, the Democrats needed an issue to criticize Iraq so they made Iraq a “war of choice” and Afghanistan a “war of necessity”.

Now, Ms. Coulter argues, Obama is trapped in his own campaign rhetoric, and has no real interest in the outcome of the conflict.  I arggued that we were fighting in Afghanistan to vindicate Obama’s campaign rhetoric.

I took some pretty sharp criticsm for my Red State article.  It’s good to know that one of the foremost conservative commentators in the U.S. shares my views.  She just shares them five days later than I shared them here and about eighteen months after I first out forth the argument.  You can read a full story here:  http://www.conservativeedge.com/Does-Ann-Coulter-read-The-Conservative-Edge-makes