If Obama's Arizona lawsuit is successful, sanctuary cities will be subject to federal lawsuits

The Obama Administration launched a legal attack against the citizens of Arizona over its recently enacted immigration law that makes illegal immigration illegal.  According to the Obama Admininstration, the law would conceivably create a patchwork of local immigration policy that would be detrimental to the federal framework.  Here is a key portion of a story about the lawsuit from The Hill:

The government’s court complaint claims the law threatens the federal government’s responsibility to create immigration policy, saying that it is an attempt to create “local” immigration standards. 

 “Although states may exercise their police power in a manner that has an incidental or indirect effect on aliens, a state may not establish its own immigration policy or enforce state laws in a manner that interferes with the federal immigration laws,” the complaint reads. “The Constitution and the federal immigration laws do not permit the development of a patchwork of state and local immigration policies throughout the country.”

If the Obama Administration’s lawsuit is correct, it could directly impact the patchwork of current local immigration policies known as sanctuary cities.  In effect, the Obama Administration is asserting that cities do not have the constitutional authority to establish any immigration policies.  That impact could be far reaching.  Not only do sanctuary cities exist, but some communities have taken additional legal action to provide benefits to illegals, and various states have established policies that favor illegal immigrants for state benefits.

In essence, the Obama Administration has opened a can of worms.  The only issue is whether or not conservatives will take the initative to launch lawsuits across the country, citing Obama’s own language.  And since Obama is asking for an immediate injunction, if one is granted lawsuits could spring up all over the country.  (www.conservativeedge.com)