The Obama Administration Could have prevented Oil Spill Katrina

The Conservative Edge (www.conservativeedge.com) has put together reports from Bloomberg News and Rolling Stone magazine, and discovered that the Obama Administration received reports directly from BP about serious issues with the Deep Water Horizon in February and March of 2010.  An incident which occurred on March 10th, 2010 was called a “show stopper” by an Interior Department drilling expert who told Bloomberg News that BP “damn near blew up the rig”.  The Conservative Edge has sent inquires to MMS seeking comment.  You can read CE’s letter by clicking this link- http://www.conservativeedge.com/Hey-press-do-your-da-job-CE-sends-letter-to-MMS-lo.  MMS sent our letter to Ken Salazar’s office, and his press secretary responded with an evasive anwer.  CE has now sent a letter directly to Mr. Salazar demanding to know why he didn’t shut down the Deep Water Horizon in March when BP “damn near blew up the rig”.  Had Salazar done so, Oil Spill Katrina would likely never have occurred.  This is an explosive story, and would be the subject of impeachment hearings had George Bush still been president.  Check out www.conservativeede.comfor all the latest on Oil Spill Katrina, and the Obama Administration’s stonewall.